App Development

Business needs are evolving at a rapid phase, increasing complexities and volatility of the business environment have redefined the concept of Application Management Services. Today it is way beyond back office support, it should culminate in business transformation with enhanced speed and efficiency. We at Alekas, with the experience of being at both spectrums of hardware and software needs, understand the need of the end users and our customers. With over a decade of expertise we ensure to provide top-notch web, mobile, cloud and system based applications that are flexible, scalable adaptive and customised to drive performance and business value across the customer’s IT ecosystem.

What we offer:

Enterprise Application: We develop applications that support and cater to the need of large scale organisations with enterprise grade features such as massive data storage, automation and integrating it day to day business operations.

Database Application: Theses applications as designed to manage, collect, and organise information efficiently. They are used to perform calculations, store and sort data, generate reports etc and share information within the team.

Mobile Application: With the advent of smart phones and increased connectivity, every business entity would like to be at the closest their customers. We provide both IOS and Android based mobile applications tailored made for each business.

Web based and Custom made Applications: We understand your needs and thus, if a product doesn’t meet your requirement, we customise it for, as we understand that every client is unique and one need to provide the best alternative to help in scaling up the business.